Cautions for Sellers

Not Pricing Items Clearly

Or worse yet, not pricing items at all. Buyers shouldn't have to work at figuring out the prices. If it's too confusing, some shoppers will get frustrated and leave without making purchases.

Accommodating Early Birds

Allowing early shoppers to get the bargains is unfair to the shoppers who are careful to respect your start time. Accommodating early birds provides positive reinforcement for this inconsiderate behavior.

Trying to Sell Used Stuff at "New" Prices

If your stuff means that much to you, take it to a consignment store or sell it through a classified ad. Yard sale shoppers won't pay prices barely below what you'd find in a discount store.

Being Careless in Preparations

There's nothing worse for a buyer than hearing, "How did that get out here? That's not for sale!" If you are working with someone else in preparing for the sale, communicate well so items don't get out that aren't supposed to be sold.

Not Taking Down Old Signs

After the yard sale is over, the signs you posted are litter that should be disposed of. Carelessly leaving old signs up is extremely inconsiderate to both future shoppers who will inevitably drive down your street looking for the sale, and the neighbors who must look at your weather-beaten signs for months to come.
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